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Why Does My HVAC System Need Routine Check-ups?

Most people only think about their indoor comfort system when it breaks down.  Unfortunately, for these people, most of the problems associated with break downs could have been prevented.  Not only does a well maintained system work more efficiently, but it will also be checked to make sure that it is operating safely to help prevent your family’s exposure to any deadly hazards.

How can my system be a deadly hazard?

As you may know, carbon monoxide is a killer.  Your system may be emitting this deadly gas and you will not know about it until it is too late.  Some people have heard of cracked heat exchangers and are not exactly sure what that means.  A heat exchanger is a thin piece of metal that separates the air that you breathe from the potentially deadly fumes of combustion that your furnace produces during its normal operation.  Most of the time, these fumes go right up the vent to the outside, but with a cracked heat exchanger, the fumes can reach you and pose serious health risks, including death!  Partially or totally blocked vents can produce the same results.

If I don’t have a gas furnace, am I safe from these hazards?

The answer is, yes, you are safe from carbon monoxide, but your heat pump and air conditioning system work by electricity and moving parts.  These too can pose hazards if not well maintained.  Each year, hundreds of fires are started by faulty wiring.  Your A/C unit or heat pump draws a tremendous amount of power and if there is a problem, the wiring in your house can melt and burn your house down.  The truth is, circuit breakers do not always work to prevent this from happening.

Are there any other reasons I should have my systems checked regularly, even if they seem to be working fine?

The answer is YES.  Just like a car, your comfort system needs to be tuned up to ensure that it is working at its peak performance.  If not properly tuned, you could be wasting a lot of money each year in needless expenses on your utility bills.

The comfort system in your house is an expensive piece of equipment.  The length of its life depends on how well you maintain it.  Neglected systems can have a very early death, while properly maintained systems can live a long life and provide years of comfortable service to you.  A system that is well maintained will give you peace of mind.  It can sit quietly in the background doing its job, day after day, giving you the comfort and service you deserve after a hard day’s work or play.